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Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh My Sisterlocks Featuring Youtuber: Pretty Dimples

                                  Pretty Dimples

 OMS: Where are you from?

Pretty Dimples: I am from Orlando.

OMS: Random fun fact about yourself?

Pretty Dimples: I have a goofy personality sometimes. I can be really silly, lol and I love cats.

OMS: What inspired you to go natural?

Pretty Dimples: My hair seemed to be thinning and my mom was going natural. She gave me the extra push.

OMS:  How long did you transition/Describe your transitioning experience.

Pretty Dimples: I only transitioned for 4 months. A few roller sets,  a weave pony tail and off comes the hair. I couldn’t take the two textures anymore.

OMS: What do you love about your natural hair?

Pretty Dimples: I love everything about my natural hair. The good and the bad. The shrinkage and the different textures  But what I love most is that for the first time I'm really happy with my hair even when I have bad hair days. It’s so much easier to fix if I need to. I love the fact that I embraced the look.
OMS: What's one natural hair myth you wish would die?

Pretty Dimples: Natural hair or Black people's hair can’t grow.

OMS: Has your natural hair changed how you view yourself?

Pretty Dimples: Yes. I realize that I can be beautiful with whatever hair I choose. It’s like the India Arie song,“I am not my hair.”

OMS: Name your top three hair products and what you like about them.

Pretty Dimples: This is a hard question. I have so many products that I use and love. So #1 would have to be my Shea butter. Not because I make it, but because it really helps my hair. It gives it so much moisture and shine it’s just unbelievable. #2 would be Herbal Essences conditioner. I think I like all of them, lol. They are rich and creamy and smell wonderful. #3 would be…well I don’t know something from Miss Jessie’s line of products, lol.

OMS: What advice do you have for those thinking about transitioning?

Pretty Dimples: Be positive and confident. Don’t listen to the negativity that you may get from others. Don’t quit after a few weeks of transitioning, lol. See it all the way through. That’s the only way you will see how your hair will turn out. Don’t compare your hair to others because you will always be disappointed.

OMS: Where can people find you online?

Pretty DimplesYoutube
They can also view my products at

OMS: Guess What (She's my daughter )

Enjoy the freedom(✿◠‿◠)


  1. She's so beautiful! I'm encouraged. It's easy to become discouraged when dealing w/ 2 textures. Right now I'm texlaxed. I am working to transition my daughters. Tangles can be discouraging. However, seeing positive examples like your DD give me hope. Thank you for sharing.

  2. 1xellus1: Stay encourage, look at videos, read lots of info on natural hair that's what helped me :)

  3. Gorgeous girl :) love love her vids :)

    I am learning so much from youtube vids!!

  4. Rebekah: Thanks, Youtube is wonderful I too learned lots on natural hair/locks :)

  5. I have learned to embrace my hair through this transition/journey. Looking at DD's videos helped me with the decision to go natural (along with your encouragement). Thanks alot, I know that I would not have seen it through if I did not have you in my corner cheering me on!!!! :D

  6. I love her Video's, I'm Subscribed to her.

  7. mzc1ark24: Thanks for subscribing..maybe one day you will join us and come back to being natural :)

  8. WOW!! When I looked at your picture the FIRST thing I thought was that you looked like the grown-up version of Pretty Dimples...I laughed to myself when you confirmed that she's your daughter! It is such a small world because I stalked her YT channel and wore many of her hairstyles before I "Sister Locked"!


Thanks for all your comments! I really do appreciate them. Enjoy your freedom (✿◠‿◠)


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