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Lock Lingo

I realize a lot of the words could be unfamiliar to you.  Here are the meanings for your convenience.

Budding: Pea size knot near the end of the lock (sign that your locks are locking)

Popping locks:  locks tend to Crawl (latch onto one another so that they share the same root bed) pull them apart to keep this from happening.

Two  Headed Dragon:  Lock with one root but two separate lock heads.  Dragons are a result of direct combining or when roots latch onto each other.  Too prevent this you have to pop your locks. 

Buildup: From the use of too many products on the locks over time, shampoo, oils, conditioner, etc. After using Shampoo or conditioner  with proper rinsing, you should be able to effectively rid yourself of most residue.

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