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Monday, May 2, 2011

Take Care Of Your Scalp

Taking care of our scalp as All Lock wearers is a must. Some great products to use for the scalp are Apple Cider Vinegar as a hair rinse.  Black Walnut tea to get rid of bacteria on the scalp. Essential oils like Lavender, tea tree, are good to fight yeast on the scalp. Cinnamon oil  is a  blood  circulator for the scalp. More blood to the follicles means more nourishment and stronger, longer hair. Caster oil is good  for dryness too.

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  1. @ rmcandlelight Thanks I'll be sure to check out your site I love nail polish.

  2. hello! happy mother's day. this is the first time that i've been able to check out your hair blog--lovin' it! and thank you so much for the blog shout out on your roll--blessings to you.

  3. your blog is both stylish and informative, I nominated you for the stylish blogger award :-) thanks for blogging.


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